My identity is floating between cultural influences, linguistic misunderstandings, exotic textures, oriental mysticism, and childish curiosity. I was born in the south of Italy, I lived in different European cities and now I am based in Prague. In each country, you become stranger to yourself and somehow you rediscover your identity. So, the continuous habitat changes taught me that uncomfortable and new positions are always interesting.


"What we perceive as empty is often full of life and I want to draw the attention of the viewer on the empty"


2019 _ "Chelsea International Fine Art Competition", New York, U.S.A.

2019 _ "Colors 2019", Cica Institute of Contemporary Art, Gimpo, Korea.

2019 _ "Suspended violence", Cafe v Leze, Prague, Czech Republic.

2018 _ "Open Studio" Event Horizont art residence, Crete, Greece. 

2018 _ "Post desert", L'altro Lato Gallery, Salerno, Italy.

2017 _  "Clusters", Cluster Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic.

2015 _  "Out of bounds", Out of bounds Festival, Salerno, Italy.

2013 _  "Alt festival", Alt festival, Naples, Italy.