Uma Haime Private Collection is a combination of fashion & art, created to transfer the joyful vibrations of my abstract paintings into everyday life.
My works are often influenced by the creative beauty of extreme expressions found in nature, such as volcanoes, deserts, waves & wind.
The contained power, the hidden strength, the mentioned elegance are the aspects that these exclusive clothes want to awaken in you.
My dresses are paintings to wear and are created as such.  Each work is unique and unrepeatable, the different models that are sold may be inspired by the images presented here, but can never be identical.  Nothing can be repeated identically in nature. 

" She needs to be surrounded by beauty and grace; her new garment makes her vibrate with another light.  She doesn't like predetermined categories of elegance; she wants to be just herself.  She embraces her luxuriant diversity; she knows how to be connected with her creative soul."